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Assisted living in Wyoming for couples

Once they reach a certain age, many seniors consider moving into an assisted living facility, due to obvious reasons. Such senior living communities in Wyoming welcome those who are over 62, or even 55 in some cases, offering access to housing and healthcare. Residents benefit from a wide range of services and amenities, having the freedom to spend their time as they desire. Couples are allowed to live together, and they might even bring their furry friend along.

In the state of Wyoming, there are over 80 assisted living facilities. These senior living centers can be found in various cities, including Cheyenne and Casper. ALFs may not accept residents whose needs exceed the available scope of care. However, it is worth mentioning that they allow residents to benefit from third-party services, such as skilled nursing care. The cost is always covered by the resident in question.

Before admission, all residents undergo a thorough assessment, which is used to identify their needs and requirements. Based on the results of this evaluation, an individual service plan is developed. The plan usually includes details about one's health and level of independence, as well as any specific medical needs, treatment schedules, etc. Plans are usually updated every couple of months or once a major health event has occurred.

As a general rule, assisted living facilities will not accept seniors who are bedridden, those who suffer from infectious conditions, or are mentally unstable. ALFs might refuse those who suffer from other chronic illnesses, seniors who pose a danger to themselves or others, or depend on various types of equipment to breathe. Each senior living facility is free to impose additional admittance criteria.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Wyoming

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Wyoming is of $4,200. By comparison, the national median is around $4,000. Wyoming is the most expensive state in the region, surpassing its neighbors, such as Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Idaho. The lowest rates are found in North Dakota, with an average of $3,300 per month.

Within the state of Wyoming, the differences are not that noticeable. In Cheyenne, the average cost of assisted living is around $4,600 per month, while Casper has slightly more affordable rates, with a monthly median of $4,400. Assisted living is considerably cheaper than nursing home care, which has an average of $7,100 per month. Both in-home care and memory care are more expensive than assisted living. Independent living, on the other hand, costs less, but there is no assistance offered with activities of daily living.

Services provided to married couples by assisted living facilities in Wyoming

Wyoming-based ALFs are classified according to the services provided into Level I and Level II communities. Level I facilities provide general services, such as: housekeeping, general maintenance, Internet and telephone access, emergency response system, meal planning and preparation, laundry and linen service, 24/7 security. In addition, they will provide scheduled transportation, assistance with ADLs, and support for specialized care.

Within Level II facilities, a similar range of services is provided. However, these assisted living facilities also accept residents with dementia, providing added assistance with ADLs and secure monitoring. Specialized care services might be provided, including tracheostomy care, help with colostomy bags, wound care, and diabetes care. Guidance is available for those who are visually impaired or suffer from confusion due to dementia.

Dementia residents are given access to a secure environment to minimize confusion. The staff might provide assistance with even the simplest tasks, depending on how advanced their condition is. Regardless of the type of facility, all residents benefit from medication management. Trained nurses monitor seniors while they take their treatment, offering reminders and ensure the correct dosage has been respected. If they are unable to handle this task, the staff will handle the treatment administration.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Wyoming

Upon moving into an assisted living community, seniors are given access to room and board. Both married couples and single seniors can occupy private living units, either in the form of apartments or bedrooms. Regardless of the type, living units cannot be occupied by more than two residents. All living units must have a minimum square footage, accessible features and emergency response systems. Additional features include: keyed entries, kitchenette, fire safety standards.

Common amenities available in assisted living facilities include: art studio, learning center, woodworking shop, swimming pools, fitness center, social club, weekly religious service, yoga, walking/hiking trails, gardening area. Dementia residents are given access to social and recreational activities, including memory gardens, therapies meant to preserve their skills, painting classes, and so on.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Wyoming for couples?

If you are planning on moving into an assisted living facility, it is only normal to take your time and consider this decision. Here are a few pros and cons for you to think about.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Wyoming

  • Assisted living facilities allow couples to live together for as long as their health allows it
  • Many ALFs in Wyoming accept pets, recognizing the benefits of having a furry friend (socialization and physical activity)
  • Level II facilities cater to the complex needs of dementia residents, offering specialized care and constant monitoring
  • Living units available for both married couples and single seniors
  • Access to a wide range of amenities, with benefits for both mental and physical health

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Wyoming

  • Most ALFs do not cater to residents who require higher levels of care
  • Monthly fees can be difficult to cover
  • Not all ALFs accept residents who suffer from dementia (check level classification)
  • ALFs might refuse those who require 24/7 skilled nursing care, bedridden seniors, or those who suffer from infectious conditions

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