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Assisted living facilities are senior communities that welcome adults over the age of 62, or 55 in some cases. ALFs provide senior residents with housing and guarantee access to healthcare, services, and amenities. Couples are allowed to live together, while single adults can choose between single and double-occupancy rooms. Many of these senior living facilities also allow pets, recognizing the benefits in terms of physical activity and socialization.

In the state of Tennessee, there are over 340 assisted living facilities. These retirement communities can be found in the following locations: Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Clarksville, and Chattanooga. All ALFs are monitored by the Tennessee Health Care Association. Upon admission, each resident receives a service plan, which will include details on the following aspects: type of assistance needed, medication management, frequency of assistance, visiting arrangements for healthcare providers, power-of-attorney, recreational and social activities, dietary needs and preferences.

The same association has established a number of eligibility criteria for those who want to live in ALFs. According to these criteria, assisted living facilities may accept residents who retain a degree of independence and those who are not nursing-home eligible. They may also accept those who receive financial assistance and residents who may require skilled nursing care for a limited period. Reasons for refusal include: aggressive behaviors (threat to themselves and others), advanced stages of dementia, severe pressure ulcers, infectious conditions, 24/7 skilled nursing care, communication difficulties, memory loss, etc.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Tennessee

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Tennessee is around $3,900, which is close to the national median of $4,000. Tennessee is more expensive than some of its neighboring states, such as Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arkansas. On the other hand, Virginia and Maryland have higher fees, reaching the average value of $4,600 per month.

Within the state, the cost of assisted living varies considerably. The most expensive ALFs are found in Nashville, with an average cost of $4,500 per month. For those with a tight budget, Chattanooga is the best choice, with median monthly costs of $3,000. Assisted living is significantly cheaper than nursing home care, which can reach a value of $6,300. Its cost is comparable to the one of memory care, while both in-home care and independent living are more affordable.

Assisted living costs in Tennessee

Assisted living communities offer an adapted environment to seniors, with access to healthcare, assistance with ADLs, and targeted living units. Residents benefit from a wide array of services and amenities, destined to guarantee the best possible quality of life. Exceptions often include skilled nursing care, which is either not available or offered only for three months. In the state of Tennessee, there are various types of assisted living facilities seniors can move into. Care packages vary from one community to the other, with rates for different budgets. If you are interested in discovering more about the costs of assisted living in Tennessee, check out the rest of this article.

Average costs of assisted living and memory care in Tennessee

How much does assisted living cost in TN? In the state of Tennessee, the average cost of assisted living is $4,100 per month or $49,000 per year. This is lower than the national median, with its average cost of $4,500 per month or $54,000 per year. Within the state, the most expensive assisted living communities are found in Jackson, averaging at $4,240 per month or $50,000 per year. Knoxville has the most affordable facilities of this kind, with an average cost of $3,800 per month or $45,000 per year.

How much does memory care cost in TN? When it comes to memory care, the average cost in Tennessee is $5,100 per month or $61,000 per year. This is considerably lower than the national median of $5,600 per month or $67,000 per year. Within the state of Tennessee, the most expensive memory care facilities are located in Cleveland, averaging at $6,000 per month or $72,000 per year. The most affordable communities of this kind are found in Knoxville, with an average cost of $4,800 per month or $57,000 per year.

Assisted living costs more than adult day health care, but it is more affordable than home care, home health care, and nursing home care. Memory care costs more than adult day health care, assisted living, home care, and home health care. It is only surpassed by nursing home care, with an average cost of $7,600 per month or $91,000 per year.

What goes into assisted living costs?

To move into an assisted living facility, seniors must first cover a deposit fee, which is usually returned when the residential stay begins and the contract concludes. Aside from the monthly fees, there are no other costs to be worried about. Unlike other facilities, assisted living communities do not require entrance fees. Among the factors influencing the overall costs, there are: amenities and service, marital status, living unit type and size, etc. Residents benefit from utilities and general services, including general maintenance, meal plans, housekeeping, laundry and linen service. Additional services are offered at extra cost.

Care fees are always paid but the final value depends on the number of daily living activities seniors receive assistance with. Care packages include different benefits, including physical and occupational therapy, emergency response systems, daily planned activities, scheduled transportation, and medication management. Should spouses desire to live together, senior couples should be able to cover a second occupancy fee. Some communities also require residents to pay additional fees for certain utilities, such as the Internet and cable access. Limited healthcare is available from third-party providers and also at extra cost.

What goes into memory care costs?

Dementia seniors are welcomed into memory care communities, where memory care residents benefit from adapted housing, targeted healthcare, and assistance with ADLs. Aside from the 24/7 monitoring and support, they might also benefit from specific amenities and services. Expert staff caters to their needs at all times. As for the care packages, these are designed in accordance with the type of dementia and the illness stage. Safety features are available for all seniors, so they feel less confused and the risk of wandering and/or injuries is reduced.

Daily therapy sessions are organized, so that seniors can work on their memory, cognitive, and speech skills. The main goal is to delay the progression of dementia for as long as it is possible. General services are available as well, including housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, general maintenance, laundry and linen service, and scheduled transportation. Care-related services include mobility assistance, wound care, diabetes care, and incontinence care.

Senior living in Tennessee - cost comparison with other states

The cost of assisted living in Tennessee is below the national median. Tennessee is more expensive than Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. The overall costs are as follows: Kentucky - $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year; Mississippi - $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year; Alabama - $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year; North Carolina - $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year; Georgia - $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year.

When it comes to memory care, the average cost in Tennessee is below the national median as well. Tennessee is more expensive than Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The overall costs are as follows: Kentucky - $4,300 per month or $51,000 per year; Mississippi - $4,300 per month or $51,000 per year; Alabama - $4,300 per month or $51,000 per year; Georgia - $4,400 per month or $52,000 per year.

Finding the best senior living facility for your needs in Tennessee

No matter if you are interested in assisted living or memory care, remember that the costs will vary from one center to the other, in accordance with the available care packages.

Allow us the pleasure of helping you discover some of the best communities in your state. All you have to do is contact us and we will gladly provide detailed information on the costs demanded by each senior living facility. We take pride in matching seniors with the right long-term care solutions, with careful consideration to their needs and available budget.

Services provided to married couples by assisted living facilities in Tennessee

Assisted living facilities provide all residents, whether married or single, with access to a wide range of services. Among the most common general services, you might find the following: Internet and telephone access, general maintenance, meal planning and preparation, errand running and shopping, 24/7 security, laundry and linen service, scheduled transportation, housekeeping, emergency response system.

Assistance with ADLs, such as eating, dressing, or bathing, is offered to all residents. However, they are encouraged to be as independent as possible, requesting assistance only when necessary. Medication management is available, but it should be mentioned that the staff will generally monitor residents while they self-administer. They might also offer reminders or ensure the correct dosage has been taken. Additional services offered by registered nurses include: wound care, diabetes care, various therapies, intravenous injections, hospice care.

Some assisted living facilities have integrated memory care units, providing specialized care to senior adults who suffer from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. These services are provided by trained staff, in accordance with how advanced the condition is, and they almost always involve 24/7 monitoring.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Tennessee

All living units available in an assisted living facility must meet the standards for fire protection and public health. They should not be occupied by more than two residents, while married couples having the opportunity to live together. Features of living units include: adequate storage space, dining area, bathroom with accessibility features, living area, telephone, fully-functional kitchen, separate storage area for soiled linen.

Senior adults have access to various amenities, such as: swimming pool, gym, yoga class, fine dining restaurant, café, computer room, woodworking shop, painting studio, social club, learning center, walking trail, off-site trips, weekly religious service with chaplain, gardening area, library. Dementia residents can go on guided walks, visit memory gardens, or practice their skills at the learning center. Depending on the stage, they can pursue various hobbies and interests.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Tennessee for couples?

Tennessee-based assisted living facilities are equipped with modern amenities and offer access to a wide range of services. The staff is happy to assist, making sure that you are comfortable at all times. Still not sure about the big move? Here are a few pros and cons for you to consider.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Tennessee

  • Senior adults do not have wait to reach the eligibility age to apply, in fact early applications are encouraged
  • ALFs encourage independent living but the staff is happy to provide assistance with ADLs when necessary
  • No hidden costs, all the money you have to pay clearly mentioned in the occupancy agreement
  • Living units with comfortable and accessible features, welcoming both married couples and single seniors
  • Access to various activities, so you can fill your time exactly as you might please – beneficial for both physical and mental health

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Tennessee

  • High demand for ALFs, not all applications are accepted (early application as mentioned is a good idea)
  • Monthly fees can be difficult to cover
  • Not all senior adults are capable to adapt to the new lifestyle, missing their friends and family
  • Certain restrictions might apply in each assisted living facility, including when it comes to visitation times

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