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Senior adults often think about their retirement and the way they will spend their golden years. As retirees realize that living on their own might become difficult, many of them turn towards alternative retirement solutions. One potential choice might be assisted living, with such senior living communities offering room and board, healthcare, general services and amenities. Most importantly, assisted living facilities allow couples to stay together, provided their health and level of independence allows it.

How many ALFs are there in Missouri? In the state of Missouri, there are over 480 assisted living facilities. These senior living centers can be found in the following cities: Columbia, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City, St. Louis, and Joplin. All the senior living facilities available in the state are licensed and regulated by the Department of Health and Senior Services. Depending on the type of care offered and the residents they accept, these can be divided into ALFs (assisted living facilities) and RCFs (residential care facilities).

Once a senior adult moves into a long-term care facility, an interview will be conducted to establish his/her needs and how these might be met. Based on the results of the interview, a residential agreement will be created, covering both rights and responsibilities. Individualized service plans are created for all residents, including details on medical conditions, treatments, and other specific needs.

Assisted living facilities will accept senior adults who need minimal assistance with daily living activities. ALFs will not admit those who are mentally unstable, have limited mobility or require 24/7 skilled nursing care. Residential care facilities have similar admission criteria, with the exception of the fact that residents must be able to get to safety without assistance in case of an emergency. Such facilities might accept residents who are recovering or are temporarily incapacitated.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Missouri

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Missouri is around $2,800. By comparison, the national average is of $4,000. Compared to neighboring states – Tennessee, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska – Missouri has the most affordable rates. The biggest difference is between Missouri and Tennessee, the latter with an average monthly cost of over $4,500.

Within the state, the costs of assisted living vary significantly, the higher rates being encountered in cities with dense population. The most expensive ALFs are found in Columbia, while the lowest rates are in Joplin. Assisted living is less expensive than independent living, but all the other long-term care options, such as nursing home care, in-home care, and memory care are more expensive.

Services provided to married couples by assisted living facilities in Missouri

Assisted living facilities must provide a wide range of services to both married couples and single adults, including: housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, general maintenance, 24/7 security, Internet and telephone access, scheduled transportation, shopping, errand running, linen and laundry service.

Personal care services are available in all communities. Residents receive minimal assistance with the daily living activities, such as eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, and grooming. Some facilities also provide specialized healthcare, such as diabetes care, wound care, or tracheostomy services. However, they do not offer 24/7 skilled nursing and if a resident requires a higher level of care, the transfer to another community is recommended.

If ALFs have integrated memory care units, they will provide services for dementia residents as well. Apart from the general range of services, they might offer 24-hour care and monitoring, with added assistance for ADLs. Known as "protective oversight", this service ensures that residents who are in advanced stages of dementia will not harm themselves or others.

All residents benefit from medication management, with the staff being familiar with the treatment schedule of each senior adult on site. Moreover, this schedule is re-assessed every couple of months or after any major health event. The staff can monitor the resident while taking his/her medication and ensure the prescription is followed to the letter. Registered nurses can handle the treatment administration, including various types of shots.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Missouri

Missouri-based ALFs and RCFs offer residents the opportunity to live in apartment-style units. Some facilities might have bedroom-style units, which cannot accommodate more than four residents. As mentioned, couples can live together, enjoying the "home-like environment". All living units must have a minimum square footage, with bathrooms that have accessibility features. Most senior living facilities in MO accept pets, but it is a good idea to inquire about the pet-friendly policy before committing to any facility.

When it comes to spending one's time, these facilities have things covered. Residents can attend fitness classes or take a dip in the swimming pool. They can use the library, computer room, or take part in various social clubs. Weekly religious services are organized, as well as a number of social and recreational activities. Senior adults are encouraged to pursue various hobbies and passions, including woodworking, gardening or painting. Dementia residents can benefit from various therapies, try painting, or go on guided walks.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Missouri for couples?

There is no doubt that moving into an assisted living facility is a major decision. However, to take an informed decision, you have to look at both pros and cons.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Missouri

  • Assisted living facilities encourage you to be independent and enjoy a private lifestyle
  • You can live together with your partner in an ALF
  • Wide range of services offered, including assistance with ADLs, specialized care, and dementia care
  • Dementia residents benefit from the assistance they need and also from protective oversight
  • Generous opportunities on how to spend your free time, with benefits for both physical and mental health

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Missouri

  • Substantial monthly fees to cover, might need financial assistance
  • Residents who require 24/7 skilled nursing care are not accepted
  • Some senior living facilities might have a limited scope of care
  • Moving into an ALF requires a big adjustment

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