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Assisted living facilities in Kansas offer senior adults over the age of 62, or 55 in some cases, with one of the best retirement living solutions. Aside from housing, ALF residents benefit from assistance with daily living activities and a number of healthcare services. Both single adults and married couples can opt for assisted living. Additional services are provided, as well as a wide range of amenities.

How many ALFs are there in Kansas? In the state of Kansas, there are over 180 assisted living facilities. These retirement communities can be found in: Wichita, Topeka, Manhattan, and Lawrence. Before being admitted to a certain senior living facility, residents go through a screening process, which usually involves a thorough examination. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the resident's healthcare needs and overall functional capacity.

An individualized service plan is developed, in accordance with the results of the assessment. These plans are revised every few months or after major health events, and they always include dietary advisements. Each plan includes detailed information on the resident's needs and preferences, including level of independence, health status, treatment schedule.

As a general rule, ALFs accept residents – whether single or married – who require minimal assistance with ADLs. They might refuse applications coming from senior adults who need complete assistance, with little or no participation of their own. Other reasons for refusal include: need for skilled nursing care 24/7, reduced mobility/bedridden, completely dependent, mental unstable, behavioral issues, chronic infectious conditions. If the resident's needs are more complex than what the facility is able to handle, the application will be refused as well.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Kansas

The average monthly cost for assisted living in Kansas is around $4,500. By comparison, the national median is placed at $4,000. Statistics show that Kansas is more expensive than all of its neighboring states, such as Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma or Colorado. Within the state, the costs vary considerably. The highest fees, going over $5,000, are found in Lawrence, while Wichita has the most affordable rates, almost reaching $4,000.

Assisted living is more affordable than other long-term care solutions, including skilled nursing care and memory care. However, it does cost a bit more than independent living and in-home care.

Services provided to married couples by assisted living facilities in Kansas

The services offered are always mentioned in the individualized care plan. Married couples, as well as single adults, benefit from a general range of services, which includes: housekeeping, laundry and linen service, general maintenance, health and safety support, Internet, telephone line, emergency response system, transportation, meal planning and preparation. Health services are offered, including diabetes care. However, continuous care is not available in assisted living facilities.

Minimal assistance is offered with the activities of daily living, including grooming, toileting, bathing, eating, and dressing. Sometimes, help might be offered with other tasks, such as oral hygiene. Assistance with mobility is possible, but the resident has to be able to participate, even if he/she relies on assistive devices.

Many assisted living facilities have integrated memory care units, so they can assist senior adults who suffer from dementia. Unlike with the other residents, these benefit from constant supervision and might receive more assistance with ADLs or other tasks. The level of monitoring is directly influenced by the severity of their condition, the main goal being to avoid potential self-harm or resulting injuries.

Medication management is one of the services included on the everyday list. Registered nurses can supervise residents while they take their treatment, making sure they are taking the correct dose and offering reminders where necessary. In the situation that the resident lacks the functional capacity to self-administer the medication, the nurse can handle the respective task.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Kansas

Kansas-based ALFs offer both married couples and single senior adults the opportunity to live in apartment-style units. Every unit is equipped with a bedroom, adequate storage area, fully-functional kitchen, bathroom with accessible features, keyed entry, and adequate living space. Usually, these units are located on the ground floor, with spacious corridors. Dining rooms are located close by, and there are separate storage spaces for clean and soiled linen.

Residents have access to a wide array of amenities, including common areas, dining rooms, swimming pool, fitness center/gym, courtyard/garden, library, computer room, social club, religious weekly service, learning center, art studio. Dementia residents might benefit from additional amenities, including cognitive therapy, occupational and speech therapy, memory garden, guided walks. Some facilities allow residents to live together with their pets, encouraging socialization and physical activity in this way.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Kansas for couples?

If you and your partner want to spend your golden years in peace, you might want to consider moving into an assisted living facility. As you have seen, Kansas-based ALFs are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable style of living. Let's see some pros and cons to help you make this choice!

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Kansas

  • Housing, healthcare, access to services and amenities – all in the same location
  • Assistance with activities of daily living and chores
  • Social and recreational activities planned on a regular basis
  • Memory care units to accommodate the very specific needs of dementia residents

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Kansas

  • Moving into an assisted living facility requires a huge adjustment
  • Might not feel comfortable accepting the restrictions imposed, especially when it comes to visitation times
  • The predictable schedule might make you feel depressed or anxious
  • Should you require a higher level of care, you won't be able to remain within the same community

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