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Assisted living facilities in DE offer retirees with housing and assistance with daily living activities, as well as limited healthcare. Residents over the age of 55 or 62 are accepted, provided they can meet income and health criteria. They have access to on-site services and premises, and can choose to live alone or together with their partner. For married couples, this is a significant advantage to consider.

In the state of Delaware, there are 34 assisted living facilities. These retirement communities can be found in the following locations: Newport, Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, New Castle, Hockessin, Milford, Middleton, and Seaford. Prospective residents are encouraged to apply early-on, before they reach the admittance age, given the fact that many of these communities have long waitlists. The Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection is responsible for the licensing and certification of assisted living facilities.

All residents go through a medical examination prior to admittance, where both needs and desires are established. Both medical history and the current medication plan are taken into consideration. As a general rule, ALFs do not accept residents who depend on medical equipment, such as ventilators. The same goes for those who are bedridden, suffer from infections, or require constant medical care/assistance. Senior adults should be able to live independently, with a minimum need for assistance.

Based on the results of the initial evaluation, the ALF staff develops an individualized service plan. Even though the ISP considers the resident's needs for healthcare and assistance, it will always emphasize the possibilities for independence and autonomy. Assistance is usually offered with the tasks of daily living, such as eating, grooming, toileting, bathing, oral hygiene. Service plans are updated on a regular basis, and especially if a major change has occurred, either affecting the resident's health or level of independence.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Delaware

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Delaware is around $5,350. Considering that the national median is of $4,000, it is safe to assume that the assisted living costs in this state are higher. Assisted living is more expensive than independent living and nursing home care.

Delaware is more expensive than some of its neighboring states, such as Maryland and New York, but it represents a better choice from a financial point of view, thanks to the state income tax exclusions. Other nearby states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, have lower fees.

Assisted living costs in Delaware

Assisted living communities accept seniors who require specialized care, as well as assistance with daily living activities and adapted housing. Residents have access to various services and amenities, destined to make life more comfortable. In the state of Delaware, there are several assisted living facilities for seniors. These have different care packages available, with costs that have to be covered accordingly. Skilled nursing care is not usually offered in such centers or it may be accessed at an extra cost, for no more than three months. Keep on reading to discover more information on the costs of assisted living, along other details that can help you take an informed decision.

Average costs of assisted living and memory care in Delaware

How much does assisted living cost in DE? In the state of Delaware, the average cost of assisted living is $5,900 per month or $70,000 per year. This is considerably higher than the national median of $4,500 per month or $54,000 per year. Given that Delaware is one of the smallest US states, there is not a lot of data regarding the costs of assisted living. In the city of Dover, for instance, seniors are expected to pay about $6,000 per month or $72,000 per year.

How much does memory care cost in DE? As for memory care, seniors are expected to pay on average around $7,500 per month or $90,000 per year. This is significantly over the national median of $5,600 per month or $140,000 per year. Once again, there is not a lot of data about the costs of memory care. In Dover, for example, the average cost of memory care is about $7,500 per month or $90,000 per year.

Assisted living costs more than other long-term care options, such as home care, home health care, and adult day care. However, it is considerably more affordable than nursing home care. Memory care costs more than adult day care, assisted living, home care, and home health care. It is also more affordable than nursing home care, which averages at $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year.

What goes into assisted living costs?

All seniors who are interested in moving into an assisted living community have to pay a deposit fee. According to the guidelines, this fee is returned when the move is confirmed and the contract has been signed. Assisted living communities do not have entrance fees, seniors only have to cover monthly fees. The overall costs are influenced by the resident's assistance and health needs, marital status, living unit size and type, amenities, and services. Some utilities are included, as well as housekeeping, general maintenance, meal plans, laundry and linen service. Additional services might be offered at an extra cost.

Care fees have to be covered as well, in accordance with the daily living activities seniors receive help with. As for the care packages, these can also include physical and occupational therapy, daily planned activities, emergency response systems, scheduled transportation, and medication management. Should spouses want to live together in the same unit, a second occupancy fee must be paid. In certain facilities, utilities such as the cable and Internet access are available at an extra cost. Limited healthcare is usually provided by third-party providers, for an additional fee.

What goes into memory care costs?

Dementia seniors can be cared for in memory care communities, which cater to their specific needs. Aside from adapted housing and supervision, residents have access to healthcare, amenities, and services. Additional features might be available as well, including bracelets to monitor one's location. Care packages are designed in accordance with the various types of dementia and the disease stage. Seniors have access to a wide array of safety features, which help them feel less confused and reduce the risk of injuries and wandering at the same time. Assistance with ADLs is also part of the care package.

To delay the progression of dementia, residents benefit from daily therapy sessions. These target cognitive and memory skills, as well as speech and behavior. General services are provided as well, including meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, general maintenance, scheduled transportation, laundry and linen service. Specialized care might be available, including mobility assistance, diabetes care, wound care, and incontinence care.

Senior living in Delaware - cost comparison with other states

As you have seen, the monthly cost of assisted living in Delaware is considerably higher than the national median. Delaware is more expensive than Pennsylvania and Maryland; Pennsylvania has an average cost of $4,100 per month or $49,000 per year, while Maryland averages at $4,900 per month or $58,000 per year. New Jersey and Washington have higher rates for assisted living as well. New Jersey averages at $6,500 per month or $78,000 per year, while Washington has an average cost of $6,900 per month or $82,000 per year.

The average cost of memory care in Delaware is also higher than the national median. Delaware is more affordable than New Jersey, which averages at $8,100 per month or $97,000 per year. Both Pennsylvania and Maryland have more affordable rates than Delaware; Pennsylvania averages at $5,100 per month or $61,000 per year, while Maryland has an average cost of $6,100 per month or $73,000 per year.

Finding the best facility for your needs

If you want to help your loved one find the best long-term care community, you can start by checking out the different options in your state. Whether you are looking for assisted living or memory care facilities, remember the costs vary from one center to the other, in accordance with the available services. The move into such a center is beneficial for you as a caregiver as well, eliminating the caregiving burden.

It is our pleasure to guide you through the decision-making process. All you have to do is give us a call and we will offer detailed information on the costs of every senior living facility. Through our experience and practical knowledge, we are able to assist caregivers in discovering a suitable assisted living or memory care facility for their loved ones. The sooner you start looking, the sooner your loved one will benefit from the care he/she needs.

Services provided to married couples by assisted living facilities in Delaware

Married couples, who decided to live together in an assisted living facility, have access to a wide array of services, destined to make their living easier. General services often include: housekeeping and maintenance, laundry and linen service, Internet, 24/7 security, meal planning and preparation, emergency call system. Some health services might be provided, for instance prospective residents might have access to diabetes care.

As mentioned above, both couples and residents who live alone, benefit from assistance with daily living assistance. The level of assistance can vary, but all senior adults can be helped with tasks they find it hard to perform, including eating, getting dressed, or bathing.

Supervision can be part of the service list, as well as medication management. Depending on the independence level, residents can be monitored while self-administering medication or they can receive help with taking their treatment. Registered nurses can open medication containers, offer reminders that medication should be taken, or even administer the treatment themselves.

Assisted living facilities in Delaware sometimes have memory care units, catering to the needs of those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Within these memory care units, senior adults benefit from constant supervision, as well as assistance with ADLs and medication management. The level of assistance depends on how advanced the dementia is.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Delaware

Unlike other retirement living options, ALFs only offer apartment-style living accommodations. Some facilities have single or double-occupancy bedrooms, with a maximum number of two occupants. Married couples can opt for apartments, and it is worth mentioning that these are generally equipped with all the necessary appliances, thermostat, and emergency intercom. Pets might be allowed, but one should check the facility policy first.

Among the most common amenities offered, one can find: swimming pool, restaurant, café, gym, common activity area, social clubs, computer room, library, weekly religious service. Additional amenities might be available, including hair salon and barber shop, social and recreational activities, transportation. Memory care amenities include: learning center, guided walks, gardening, painting, etc.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Delaware for married couples?

Delaware-based assisted living facilities offer everything you might need at retirement age. If you are still not certain about this decision, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Delaware

  • Delaware-based ALFs represent a good choice, given the state income tax exclusions
  • One can apply for financial assistance – Diamond State Health Plan Plus (Medicaid long-term care)
  • Individualized service plans which place an emphasis on resident's staying independent for as long as it is possible
  • Access to housing, assistance, services, and amenities
  • Medication management by registered nurses/doctors – supervision during self-administration or help with the actual taking of treatment

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Delaware

  • Can be difficult to cover the high monthly fees on a lower or medium-level income (financial assistance available)
  • Assisted living is more expensive than other forms of retirement living, such as independent living
  • Financial assistance plans have long waitlists and strict eligibility criteria
  • Senior adults who cannot live without medical equipment, such as ventilators, are not accepted. The same goes for those who are bedridden or suffer from infectious diseases
  • Admittance might be refused if you require constant medical care or personal assistance

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