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California is one of the most popular states when it comes to retirement and senior living. Prospective retirees who live in the Golden State might consider one of the many assisted living facilities, as these retirement communities have a lot of advantages to offer. Residents of ALFs receive assistance with daily living activities, as well as access to a wide range of services and amenities.

Information about assisted living in California

How many assisted living centers are there in CA? The state of California has an impressive number of assisted living facilities, over 3,500. These senior living communities are located in different metropolitan areas, including Napa, Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Modesto, Riverside, Sacramento, and San Diego.

All prospective ALF residents must go through a pre-admission appraisal. The staff, which usually includes medical doctors and nurses, will assess the resident's functional capacity, meaning the ability to handle the activities of daily living. Mental conditions and social factors are considered, and the resident is subjected to a medical evaluation. As part of this assessment, the following aspects will be analyzed: customized diet, medication and treatments, pre-existing medical conditions, general health status.

If the application is approved, the resident will be admitted to the ALF. Within a period of 30 days, he/she will be given an individualized service plan. The plan must state medical conditions, any impairments (cognitive, physical, behavioral), level and scope of service, type of services and frequency. Should the resident present significant health changes, the plan should be revisited and updated.

California-based ALFs will not accept residents who require prolonged skilled nursing care, those with disruptive or dangerous behaviors, and residents who are bedridden. If the respective resident requires care for advanced dermal ulcers, gastrostomy, nasogastric tube, tracheostomy, staph infection, or other several conditions, he/she might not be accepted to move into the assisted living facility.

Financing and costs of assisted living in California

The average monthly cost for California assisted living is around $4,500. By comparison, the national average cost of assisted living is $4,000. From all the neighboring states, only Oregon has higher costs. Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho have more affordable fees. Within the state, the costs vary from one metropolitan region to the other. The most expensive ALFs are located in the Napa region, famous for its wine production, while the most affordable can be found in Bakersfield.

Assisted living in this state is cheaper than other long-term care solutions, with the exception of independent living. Analyzing the average costs, it can be concluded that ALFs are considerably less expensive than nursing homes.

Additional financing options include reverse mortgages, veteran benefits, long-term insurance policies, and life insurance policies. Senior adults can also try to access federally-funded assisted living services through the Area Agencies on Aging (valid for adults over the age of 60).

Services provided to couples by assisted living facilities in California

Assisted living facilities in CA offer room and board to single individuals or married couples. Spouses are allowed to live together, but they will have to cover the additional cost of residency. Senior couples benefit from general services, such as general maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation and serving, Internet access, security, laundry and linen service.

As part of the basic care service, residents receive personal assistance with daily living tasks, such as eating, dressing, toileting, and bathing. The personnel might monitor them and help with planned activities. Assistance can also be offered for dental hygiene, medication administration, and food intake. Sometimes, residents need to be supervised, either to reduce the risk of injuries or to make sure they adhere to the prescribed diet/treatment.

If the respective facility has a memory care unit, residents who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease will benefit from specific services. They receive help with daily living tasks, being constantly monitored by the on-site staff. Sometimes, seniors need extra assistance with simple activities, and guidance to avoid confusion.

Amenities for couples moving into an assisted living in California

Assisted living communities are not required by law to offer private apartments to their residents. The units can be designed in the style of apartments or regular bedrooms, which can house one or two residents. Couples are allowed to stay together for as long as their health allows it. If the respective resident has an Assisted Living Facility Waiver, private occupancy is mandatory; the exception regards the decision of the resident to share occupancy with another person.

Living units in assisted living centers must have basic appliances, such as refrigerators and cooking stoves. Seniors can take advantage of the on-site amenities, including: fine-dining restaurant and cafe, barber shop and hair salon, swimming pool gym, social club, Internet room, library, game room, religious service. Dementia residents have special amenities, such as cognitive therapy, guided walks, memory gardens. Last, but not least, one might be allowed to live together with his/her pet (check policy first).

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Positives and negatives associated with moving to an assisted living center in California for couples

California ALFs offer excellent services and accommodations, welcoming senior adults who are interested in alternative living solutions. If you are still having trouble deciding, perhaps the following pros and cons will be of help.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in California

  • Assisted living centers in CA offer a high standard of living – room and board, access to services and amenities
  • Assiste living is less expensive than other long-term care solutions
  • Both health and assistance needs are considered
  • Individualized service plans with updates, depending on significant health changes

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in California

  • High monthly costs associated with assisted living, especially if you have a lower-level income (check solutions – Assisted Living Waiver)
  • Numerous reasons for rejection, especially when it comes to chronic or terminal illnesses
  • Not all assisted living units have memory care units
  • Should one require 24/7 skilled nursing care, the transition to a nursing home is recommended (new setting which requires further adjustment)

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