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Assisted living facilities are communities in which residents benefit from assistance with the activities of daily living, such as dressing, eating, bathing, and grooming. Some of these senior living facilities provide specialty care for residents with cognitive impairment, for which they require a special license. Prospective ALF residents can live alone or together as a couple, taking advantage of the services and amenities offered.

Information about assisted living in Alabama

How many assisted living facilities are there in Alabama? In Alabama, a state that is considered to be retirement friendly, there are 199 assisted living facilities. How old do you have to be to qualify for senior living in ALF? According to the Senior Housing & Assisted Living Age Rule, seniors must be at least 62 years of age to move into assisted living. Nonetheless, certain facilities might accept residents that are younger, with a limit of 55.

For many seniors, the possibility to live together in a senior living community brings great comfort, making the transition in itself a bit easier. It has been determined that married couples who are separated might suffer a rapid deterioration. On the other hand, couples who are allowed to move into an assisted living community enjoy a better state of health. However, they should take into consideration that physical assessments are required, and the presence of chronic conditions might represent a reason for rejection.

As a general rule, residents are advised to concentrate on the senior living facilities that could accommodate them as a couple, with priority to the one requiring the highest level of care. Upon moving in, an assessment is performed, in order to determine the level of care required, services and associated costs. Assessments are repeated one month after the move and then every six months.

Financing and costs of assisted living in Alabama

The monthly average cost of assisted living in Alabama is of $3,000. By comparison, the national average is around $3,700. Alabama is more affordable than its neighboring states, such as Florida, Mississippi, or Tennessee. The only exception to this comparison is the state of Georgia.

It is also worth mentioning that the cost of assisted living can vary greatly within the different regions of the state. The most affordable regions include Gadsden, Dothan, and Birmingham, while Montgomery, Daphne, and Auburn are among the most expensive. The price range varies between $2,000 and $4,000. Despite these obvious high costs, assisted living is more affordable than nursing home care or regular home care. It is considered a good option for married couples looking for long-term care.

Assisted living costs in Alabama

Assisted living refers to a form of long-term care, in which senior residents benefit from assistance with daily living activities. In the state of Alabama, there are different types of assisted living communities, in accordance with the number of seniors that can be housed. These senior living homes include family, group, and congregate assisted living centers. In the paragraphs below, we will discuss the costs for this type of long-term care, along other information that might be useful to know. Our goal is to help seniors find the best senior living option for their needs and budget.

Average costs of assisted living and memory care in Alabama

How much does assisted living cost in AL? According to recent statistics, Alabama has one of the lowest costs when it comes to assisted living. Seniors are expected to pay around $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year for assisted living. Within the state of Alabama, the most expensive memory care communities are found in Birmingham, averaging at $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year. On the other hand, Dothan has the most affordable senior living facilities, averaging at $2,150 per month or $25,800 per year.

How much does memory care cost in Alabama? As for memory care, in Alabama, one can expect to pay around $4,300 per month or $51,000 per year. Within the state of Alabama, the most expensive communities are located in Auburn, with an average of $5,300 per month or $63,000 per year. Tuscaloosa has the most affordable assisted living costs in the state, with a cost of $3,900 per month or $46,000 per year.

Assisted living costs less than other long-term care options, such as home care and nursing home care. The only exception is the adult daycare. As for memory care, this level of care costs more than assisted living and home care, but less than nursing home care.

What is included in assisted living costs?

Some assisted living facilities require a deposit, which is refunded upon moving into the respective community. All resident seniors are required to cover the monthly costs, which are influenced by the size of the living unit and the presence of a companion. Assisted living costs usually cover the utilities offered, as well as housekeeping services, general maintenance, and meal plans. In some cases, additional services might be offered, for which the resident will have to pay extra. These services can come from third-party providers.

ALF residents also have to pay a care fee, which is influenced by the number of ADLs they receive assistance with. Medication management, physical and occupational therapy, transportation services, emergency response, and planned activities are included in the overall costs, if available. Standard contracts do not usually include coverage for companions or partners, one has to pay a second occupancy fee. Not all utilities might be included in the basic package, for instance, one might pay additionally for cable, Internet, or telephone. Should a resident require a higher level of care, he/she will have to pay an additional fee as well or consider another community.

What goes into memory care costs?

Memory care communities offer room and board to seniors who are in the different stages of dementia. In addition, residents benefit from specialized healthcare, in accordance with their needs and challenges experienced. Senior residents have access to a wide range of various services and amenities, with countless safety features destined to minimize their confusion. Trained personnel provided 24/7 assistance and support, with the goal of reducing the risk of injury and/or wandering.

Aside from what was already mentioned, the memory care costs might cover various therapies destined to help residents improve their cognitive and memory skills. As part of the basic package, seniors benefit from a general range of services, including general maintenance, meal planning, and transportation. Seniors receive assistance with ADLs and have access to additional services, such as wound care, mobility assistance, and incontinence care.

Alabama senior living cost comparison with other states

The monthly cost of assisted living in Alabama is well below the national average of $4,500. These costs are similar to the ones in Georgia and Mississippi. Both Florida and Tennessee have higher monthly costs, between $4,000 and $4,100. Currently, the annual cost for Alabama assisted living is around $42,000, while the national average is at $54,000. Neighboring states offer annual costs that vary between $48,000 and $49,000.

The monthly cost of memory care is lower than the national average of $5,600 per month or $67,000 per year. In the state of Georgia, one can expect to pay around $4,400 per month or $52,000 per year, while Mississippi has average monthly costs of $4,300 or an annual cost of $51,000. Tennessee is more expensive than Alabama, averaging at $5,100 per month or $61,000 per year. In terms of affordability, Alabama and Mississippi have similar costs to offer.

Finding the best assisted living facility for your needs

Finding the best senior living facility for your loved one requires careful research and planning. Whether you are looking for assisted living or memory care, it is important to remember that the overall costs vary from one senior living center to the other, and the services they are able to provide. We recommend you take your time to look at the different facilities and their service list, comparing the advantages offered.

We are happy to guide you through the decision process. Give us a call and we will gladly inform you about the costs of any specific senior living center. In this way, you will be able to compare and choose a senior living community that matches your budget and needs. Please keep in mind that the general costs are always influenced by the resident and the potential changes in his/her care needs. Both assisted and memory care communities are always prompt in informing about such changes, especially in relation to the costs to be covered.

Services provided by assisted living facilities in Alabama to couples

All couples who decide to move into an assisted living facility will benefit from a wide range of services. Senior adults receive assistance, as mentioned, with activities of daily living, including oral hygiene. The staff will also handle housekeeping, general maintenance, laundry, transportation, and emergency situations. Health services are offered, including medication management, diabetes care, nutritional and wellness programs, and prescription assistance.

If residents do not present cognitive decline, they may take medication alone. However, the staff is happy to provide assistance with this task, to minimize the risk of accidents. Nurses can help senior adults familiarize themselves with the daily doses and modes of administrations. They might offer the medication to the senior adult, open the bottle, and give water.

Some assisted living facilities accept senior adults who suffer from chronic conditions, providing specialized care. For instance, such a facility might have a memory care unit, accommodating the very specific needs of senior adults who suffer from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Couples can remain close together, with one spouse in the assisted living area, and the other in memory care. They can eat together and take part in various activities; for the rest of the time, they each live in their unit, benefiting from the exactly level of care that is needed.

Amenities for couples moving to an assisted living in Alabama

Life in an assisted living facility is comfortable and pleasant, thanks to the incredible diversity of amenities offered. Senior couples can choose a housing unit that satisfies their needs. Most assisted living facilities offer one or two-bedroom units, equipped with everything necessary. The staff is available 24/7 and there is an emergency call system available in each housing unit.

Each assisted living center offers a number of amenities, which might include: restaurant-style dining, room service, fitness and wellness center, computer & Internet access, swimming pool, social clubs. Some organize religious services on a weekly basis, and many are actually welcoming residents that have pets.

If the assisted living facility has a memory care unit, you can expect specific amenities. For instance, residents might benefit from guided walks, learning classes, memory enhancing activities and therapies. Everything unfolds in a secure, adapted environment, so the level of confusion is kept down to a minimum.

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What are some positives and negatives associated with moving to assisted living in Alabama for couples?

Alabama assisted living facilities are modern, and affordable in comparison to other retirement options. They are regulated by the Department of Public Health, which ensures that all senior adults in these facilities are safe and secure. Moreover, the Assisted Living Association of Alabama advocates for excellence of services in such facilities.

If you are still undecided whether assisted living is for you or not, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of moving to assisted living for couples in Alabama

  • Assistance with daily living activities, such as eating, dressing, or bathing
  • Married couples can live together, and even if they need different levels of care, they remain close together
  • Emergency call system available for major health events
  • Diverse financing options accepted, including long-term care insurance and Medicare
  • Wide range of services and amenities offered, including health services for dementia residents

Cons of moving to assisted living for couples in Alabama

  • Visitation times at assisted living centers might be limited, which can add to the feeling of being isolated from one's family or friends
  • Outings offered by assisted living have to be planned and approved beforehand
  • Monthly fees can be challenging to cover on a low or medium-level income, but the good news is that there are other financing options available
  • Senior residents who suffer from chronic conditions may not be accepted in certain facilities

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